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DiACardio’s LVivo will enable a new era of quick, easy and accurate heart function evaluation.


Today, heart function is evaluated via manual or semi-automatic “readings” of Echocardiograms (“Echo”), sometimes called ultrasounds of the heart. This is a subjective process that is slow, difficult to perform and error-prone.


DiACardio has developed an automated Echo evaluation software platform that will make the process quick, easy to perform and accurate.

DiACardio’s LVivo platform uses algorithms to enable accurate,

automatic detection the heart’s ventricle walls borders, and then

to track automatically their movement precisely over the duration

of the echo imaging video. It uses this reliable data to make a quantitative assessment of the heart’s dynamic performance.


LVivo’s automated evaluation is performed much quicker than current manual and semi-automatic evaluation processes, and requires only a “press of the button” from the physician. The ease of the process enables the evaluation to be repeated, further assuring the reliability of the evaluation as a basis for sound, timely treatment decisions.


DiACardio vision is for its automated software tools to be incorporated into every echo device and PACS system throughout the world, bringing a revolution into the field of Echocardiologic evaluation.


DiACardio’s first two LVivo tools offerings, including the LVivo EF (Ejection Fraction) and the LVivo SG (Segmental Evaluation), are currently available for incorporation into the full range of echo devices and PACS systems. The Company’s extensive roadmap of additional tools are in various phases of development.

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