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DiACardio Ltd. is an imaging processing software company that is developing tools for automating the evaluation of echocardiographic images, sometimes referred to as “ultrasounds of the heart”.

DiACardio's technology is based on a platform of proprietary algorithms that enable 1) automatic detection of the heart’s ventricle walls borders, and 2) accurate quantitative assessment of the heart’s dynamic performance. This platform enables the evaluation of echo images to be fully automated. This is a revolutionary step that makes the process faster, easier and less expensive than using today’s subjective manual and semi-automatic static evaluation methodologies.

DiACardio’s tools will enable automatic detection of heart failure signs, such as impairment of the ejection fraction (EF) of the LV (left  ventricle), as well as analysis of ventricular wall movement, segmental movement, Doppler-like analyses and more. These tools will enable accurate, timely evaluations to be obtained automatically from video data generated by any echo device.  

As part of the development and clinical trial, LVivo technology has been used to evaluate the heart performance of more than 400 patients. DiACardio’s first completed tool, the LVivo EF, has obtained FDA and CE approval.

Management Team:

Mr. Arnon Toussia-Cohen, Chairman

Mr. Toussia-Cohen brings DiACardio three decades of experience in management, marketing, R&D and business creation. Mr. Toussia-Cohen began his career at Telrad Telecommunications, where he served as VP Business Unit and President of Telrad Inc. He then served  for nine years as the President and CEO of RADCOM Ltd. (Nasdaq: RDCM), a period during which he championed new products, built sales channels and secured major sales in the U.S. and Europe. Mr. Toussia-Cohen received his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Technion (Haifa, Israel) and MA in Cultural Studies from OUI, and completed the Tafnit Business Program of Israel’s Open University.

Mrs. Hila Goldman-Aslan, CEO

Mrs. Goldman-Aslan joined DiACardio after serving as Managing Director of a biomed industry startup and as Business Development Manager of a security industry startup. Ms. Goldman-Aslan began her career as an attorney focused on capital market, high-tech industry and commercial law. She brings DiACardio a wealth of experience in management, marketing, finance and fundraising. Ms. Goldman-Aslan holds a B.A in Business and an LL.M in Commercial Law from Tel-Aviv University. 

Mrs. Michal Yaacobi, VP R&D & Inventor

Mrs. Yaacobi has been responsible for DiACardio’s R&D operations since the Company’s initiation in 2006 as a Ben Gurion University project. She brings the Company a strong background in clinical research together with expertise in ultrasound image processing and algorithm development, database management and computer programming. Prior to her biomedical engineering studies, Mrs. Yaacobi spent three years as an application manager at AMDOCS, where her responsibilities included analysis of customer requirements, application design, software development and support. She earned an M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering and a B.Sc. in Life Science (both with honors) from Ben Gurion University.

Management Team:

Dr. Noah Liel-Cohen, Director & Inventor

Dr. Liel-Cohen is the Head of the Echocardiography Unit of the Soroka University Medical Center in Beer Sheva, Israel, a regional referral center that serves both hospitalized and ambulatory patients. The Echocardiography Unit team includes a highly qualified group of physicians and sonographers that is proficient in the field’s most advanced current methodologies. Dr. Liel-Cohen completed her medical studies at the Ben Gurion University, carried out a residency in internal medicine and was awarded a fellowship in cardiology. During her training, she spent two years as a research and clinical fellow at the Echocardiography Laboratory of Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital. Her areas of research include evaluation and quantification of left ventricular function, mitral valve structure and function. She has been involved in multiple clinical trials. 

‏Prof. Hugo Guterman, Inventor

Prof. Guterman is a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Ben Gurion University, where he serves as Head of the Autonomous Robotics Laboratory, Head of the Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic Applications Laboratory, and Chairman of The Paul Ivanier Robotics Center. His areas of research include robotics, machine vision, signal processing, control theory, neural networks, fuzzy logic and computer architecture. Prof. Guterman has served as a consultant on a number of industrial projects.

Prof. Arthur Labovitz, Board advisor

Prof. Labovitz serves as a Professor of Medicine at the University of South Florida (USF). At USF, he serves as Chair of the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences and Director of Cardiac Imaging-USF Cardiology.

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